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Phoenix Commercial

Established in 1999, Phoenix provides a range of Enforcement and Debt Collection Services. Our experience encompasses the delivery of all types of Enforcement and Debt Collection activities on a national basis, including the collection of various debt types, tracing absconding customers and the enforcement of various public sector debt categories including unpaid Council Tax & Business Rates Liability Orders, Penalty Charge Notices and Commercial Rent arrears.

Our public and private sector client base has been built upon our reputation and ability to meet the collection performance aspirations of our clients, effectively handle various enforcement and debt collection related issues and providing the required standards of service expected by our clients.

In delivering these services, we are:

  • A Company that has a true understanding of our client's key business drivers and critical success factors.

  • A Company that understands the importance of protecting our clients image and reputation.

  • A Company that can provide an evolving Enforcement and Debt Collection Service that can respond to our clients changing requirements.

  • A Company that can provide a truly transparent service to all key stakeholders and service users.

By selecting Phoenix to assist with your debt collection or payment enforcement requirements, we can translate your collection objectives into actions.

Through our recovery process and actions, we can deliver:

  • Improved collection rates through effective, timely and successful payment enforcement and debt collection methods.

  • A reduced risk of adverse publicity by virtue of our professionalism, quality assurance commitment,  established processes/procedures and ethical standards.

  • An efficient and effective nationwide Enforcement and Debt Collection Service.

  • Assured transparency and accountability of our actions and processes at all times.