A new communications campaign from the CSA encouraging early customer engagement - #heretohelp

In a unique communications campaign, the Credit Services Association (CSA) is building confidence in the debt collection sector and encouraging people in financial difficulty to engage early with its debt collection company members.

The Money Advice Service (now part of the Money and Pensions Service, MaPS) estimates that 8.3 million people in the UK are over-indebted, however, in a survey of 2,000 British adults, when it comes to money woes there is lots of confusion, with one in 10 thinking ‘debt is rare’. Of those surveyed, fewer than 40 per cent picked an expert as the most trustworthy authority for information and advice, and the survey also revealed what is and isn’t acceptable to discuss – with debt being in the top ten of those that are most off limits.

#heretohelp aims to give people in debt the confidence to engage with CSA members and speak about their money problems earlier than they are currently doing. It also warns against the risks of using the internet and so called “online experts” when it comes to getting money advice. As part of the campaign, the trade body has produced a video, fronted by Brad Burton, one of the UK’s top motivational speakers who was once £25,000 in debt. Brad interviews real life customers of debt collection companies as well as industry experts to deliver a reassuring message that early contact will always result in a better outcome. The video also educates and raises the viewer’s awareness of the work of the debt collection industry including the CSA itself.

As a CSA supporter we are proud to support the #heretohelp campaign which aims to give people in debt the confidence to engage with debt collection companies to result in a better outcome. 


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