Fake SMS scam attempt

We have been made aware of a new "phishing" scam attempt which is affecting members of the public. The scam involves people being sent an SMS message with the content:

You have debt to pay of 25£

Enter https://phoenix-support.co.uk/?reference=F21584327 and click "Pay Now"

The website they are being directed to looks like a copy of Phoenix’s website and the “Pay Now” link directs to a fake form that will attempt to capture details.

If you have received this SMS message, please ignore it, and DO NOT tap on the website link, or enter any details on the web form.

Please be assured this SMS was not sent by Phoenix. Most people receiving the message do not have cases with us, and we do not have any information about how or from where the scammers obtained their list of telephone numbers.

We are attempting to have the fake site taken down as quickly as possible.

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