Enforcement Agent Services

Phoenix work in partnership with over 50 Local Authorities in the collection of Council Tax and Business Rates.

Our clients consist of District, City, Metropolitan and Unitary Authorities, London Boroughs and Local Government Outsourcing Companies. We can provide excellent references from all our clients nationwide, in terms of collection levels and our industry award winning customer service.

We provide an unrivalled level of service to our clients and our mutual customers with a focus on Efficient Ethical Enforcement. Through the use of advanced propensity tools we individually tailor our collection and enforcement efforts. Our Enforcement Agents are trained above industry standards and receive ongoing refresher training and continuing professional development.

When using our service, you can be assured of:
  • professionalism, transparency and ethical enforcement
  • targeted and intelligent collection and enforcement
  • regular performance reporting with clear graphical images
  • live on-line access to your accounts
  • designated Account Director and Account Manager